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  • Pilar Puente Broker

    Pilar Puente


    Pilar Puente's background in management and development of Real Estate has given her the experience needed to become a successful entrepreneur in the Real Estate field. Pilar has lived in Florida since she moved to the US from Germany, where she lived for many years and where she pursued most of her education. Having travelled extensively has exposed her to different cultures and different people making it very easy for her to relay to others and understand their needs. Being Cuban American herself, Pilar speaks several languages including German and Spanish. Pilar has been in Real Estate and in the management of Real Estate for 20 years, during this time she has managed high end hi-rises, has been involved in major conversion projects, has completed impressive renovations and also manages a large portfolio for her foreign investors. Because of the amount of years in this business, and her vast exposure to the different branches of Real Estate, Pilar has developed invaluable relationships with vendors and contractors, allowing her to provide an unmatchable realm of services.

    Pilar loves her culture and her roots, in her time off she enjoys cooking with her family, weekend dates with her daughters, spending time gardening in the company of her dog, and little boating and beach getaways with her friends!

  • Brandon Allen Real Estate Agent

    Brandon Allen

    Real Estate Agent

    Brandon is our realtor from Queens, New York! Since making the transition to southern Florida he has fallen in love with the people, the warm weather, and the beaches! In his time spent in the northeast, Brandon attended the University of New Hampshire, where he majored in both Business Administration and Sustainability.

    Brandon's passion is found in acts of service for other people. He enjoys working with local community organizations to bring positive change to underserved communities. This makes his profession as a realtor effortless as he genuinely enjoys helping people to reach their goals!

    In Brandon's free time he enjoys spending time in nature and being active. Some of his favorite activities include going to the beach, finding new restaurants, kayaking, and competing in CrossFit! Brandon also takes pride in eating healthy, if you are looking for guidance or some tips don't be afraid to ask!

  • Andres Abadi Real Estate Agent

    Andres Abadi

    Real Estate Agent

    Andres Abadi has been a Top Producer in the Sunny Isles Area and Miami Beach for over 5 years. Andres is a very knowledgeable Real Estate agent who has helped many international investors find just the right investment property for their needs. Being an investor himself, his experience has really been of great use to his clients. Andres engages and connects very well with our clients to understand what they are looking for, by doing so he delivers the perfect product as he builds very valuable business relationships. Andres is very friendly, charismatic and professional and is fluent in English and Spanish.

    In his free time, Andres loves spending time with his beautiful and growing family. He loves grilling and is an avid tennis player!

  • Guisell Logan Real Estate Agent

    Guisell Logan

    Real Estate Agent

    Guisell is a Florida Native and has been in real estate for over fifteen years. She is very passionate about what she does and makes each client feel comfortable from the start because she deeply cares about the relationship during this process. Guisell recognizes that everyone's journey through home ownership and rental needs is a very unique process and her goal is to create a smooth transaction.

    Guisell works tirelessly for everyone, including buyers, sellers and renters and that's why she has such a strong referral basis because of client loyalty. If you are looking for an agent that is all about a personal one on one relationship: call her!

  • Maylin Alvarez Real Estate Agent

    Maylin Alvarez

    Real Estate Agent

    Originally born in Cuba, Maylin moved to the Unites States to pursue the American Dream. Maylin has worked very hard to achieve this goal, and as the result of such hard work, Maylin has become a leading agent in residential sales and rentals. Maylin has been living in Palm Beach County for the past 10 years and has made this area her main area of work. With the support of our firm , Maylin truly strives to assist her clients throughout the whole process of renting or buying their home. She takes great pride in her customer service skills and is known for her ability to follow up with every single one of her clients. Her real estate career is truly her passion and inspiration. It gives her great joy to build a relationship with every client she represents, many of whom have become her long lasting friends. In her free time, Maylin enjoys Karaoke and dancing, which is very reflective of her Cuban heritage.

  • Carina Ledesma Valva Real Estate Agent

    Carina Ledesma Valva

    Real Estate Agent

    Carina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She emigrated to Miami, Florida over two decades ago, and then began a passionate and loyal dedication to assimilate into being a valuable United States citizen, residing in South Florida and New Mexico, until settling into the middle east Florida.

    Career wise, Carina began in the trendy high value international clothing industry, working up to the manager position of a high-end Italian clothing boutique in Miami Beach. Carina's career path then guided her into the real-estate industry, in lease showings, contracts, H.O.A. liaison, property management, and then finally property sales, as an agent then broker, for buyers and sellers, sometimes both in the same transactions. Carina's ethics and fortitude in the real-estate industry have focused and developed her into a very reliable source to produce the best results for her client(s). Seasoned in the real-estate industry of South Florida, in domestic or international transactions. Carina is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.

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