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Buying, selling and renting a home in Florida can be hard to do on your own. Let us make it simple, we are here for you.
Florida Real Estate Management & Investments
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Florida Real Estate Management & Investments

Who we are

Florida Real Estate Management and Investments is a company formed by young, as well as by very experienced Real Estate Professionals. We not only know real estate, but we also know the management of the same. Florida Real Estate Management and Investments does business on a personal level, because we strongly believe that we are not only doing business with our clients but further than that, we are also building relationships with each deal that we close.

Diverse Portfolio

We go beyond dealing real estate. Because each client is different, we have evolved to be able to provide a vast range of services from complete renovations, condominium management, rental portfolio management, as well as consulting services on a case by case basis due to the experience we have accumulated over the years in the different areas of Real Estate and Property Management.

Property Management

Currently managing over 400 units not only expands our marketing avenues, but enables us to provide a variety of services at an unbeatable price due to the long-lasting relationships with have built over the years with our vendors and clients.

Customer service

Our goal is to provide our clients with a personalized treatment, and tailored services because we understand that each client is different, with different needs and unique expectations which may explain why our main source of business has historically come from repeat clients.


Some of our most recent testimonials and endorsements
from satisfied customers, partners and clients.

After helping me in the process of acquiring my investment property, Florida Real Estate Mgt and Investments has been managing it for over a year now, and I'm amazed at how easy they make it for me. The nightmare stories about landlords are common, but Florida Real Estate Management has removed this from the equation for me. Communication and customer service are extraordinary - but what I like most is their proactive approach to solving issues before I even have to ask! It has been a pleasure working with Pilar as a property manager. Always responsive, meticulous, and pleasant to work with, she is an excellent choice. I receive informed and thoughtful advice from her. Whenever I have had issues to discuss with her, she has always had time for me to do so. For my future properties, I will continue to use them. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Karell Curbelo
Landlord, Ponte Verde

Pilar has been managing all my WPB asset for over 5 years now. She runs a very tight operation with her company, and across the board she has a policy of being very straight forward. Even when there are issues, and there are always going to be issues when you manage a large rental portfolio, she and her staff are forthcoming and transparent. Pilar has helped me expand my portfolio by finding me very good investments properties, as well as helping me sell very efficiently when I have decided to do so. I look forward to continue working with Pilar and Florida Management and Investments for a long time into the future.

Arturo Miknik

I have known Pilar and her company for many years. Since then Pilar has handled the management of my portfolio, as well as the acquisition part of it. Pilar is very organized, communicates very well, very professional and above all, very honest. She will tell you how it is, even if its not what you want to hear, but she will never leave anything to the imagination or interpretation of the client. Pilar stands by her word and always delivers. It has been more than 10 years since we have been working together, and she has not faded away. Pilar has been able to establish a very well-functioning company with an incredible team from her Title company, to her Mortgage Broker, to her Property Inspector I must say she has truly handpicked them all. Pilar also handles the renovation of my rental properties, flawlessly with no misunderstandings of any type thus far. I highly recommend her and her company.

Tito Bohn

I have had the pleasure of working with Pilar Puente at Florida Real Estate Management and Investments for about six years. She has managed two of my rental units in West Palm Beach and sold one. She is totally reliable, forthright and honest. She accomplishes all her promises. I look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future. I highly recommend her and Florida Real Estate Management and Investments for anyone looking for professional real estate sales and management services.

Thomas Fallon
Owner at Ponte Verde

I was looking to relocate from Miami to the Wellington area so that my daughter can pursue her Equestrian career since commuting was becoming too much. Pilar found us the perfect home. Her attention to details proved to be very much on point, and the process from beginning to end was just impeccable. From finding the home, to closing the deal not one detail was missed. Like my 12 year old daughter said: Pilar is really good at this! Any other investment I am looking to make, Pilar and her firm will be the one I will rely on.

Monica Salazar

We hired Pilar and her company to recall one of the Directors on the board. I can say that Pilar took ownership of project with such professionalism. She was in charge of it from beginning to end and even if you didn’t know her, you knew she was in charge from just listening to her address the meetings and lay out the process. She set timelines, educated the members on how to proceed, what to do when and, the process was flawless and effective. We have hired her since for a few smaller issues on a consulting basis and every time we have had the best experience. We highly recommend her, she is professional, knowledgeable and experienced.

Margot Salti
Harbourside Condominium / Aventura

Pilar Puente has been managing our association for almost 10 years. When she took over our Condominium Ponte Verde had over 200 units in receivership. As of now, early 2022, Ponte Verde has less than 7% delinquency and even has reserve funds. Pilar implemented processes and procedures, brought in accountants, attorneys, and with that perseverance and continuity, Ponte Verde has now become one of the best Condos in the area. We hope to continue having Pilar manage our association for a long time to come. Highly recommend her and her company.

Board of Directors
Ponte Verde At Palm Beach Lakes

Frequently asked questions

What services do you provide?
Literally any services within the realm of Residential Real Estate, selling and buying, renting, managing, turning properties over, as well as full blown renovations. We also provide condominium management services, as well as project-based consulting
What certifications do you have?
We are fully accredited Real Estate Company. Pilar Puente in addition to being a Broker, is an LCAM, a State of Florida Notary and has her college degree in business management.
What are the fastest growing areas in South Florida?
South Florida is growing, and it's doing so vigorously. Kissimmee in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale in Broward, Doral in Miami, Port St, Lucy and St. Lucy, Fort Meyers in Lee County and Daytona Beach are definitely leading the scoreboard of growth in Sunny South Florida.
How is the real estate market in South Florida?
In one word: HOT! The state as a whole has shown a steady growth for decades in a row. The weather, the constant influx of new residents who become investors or home owners have been the common denominator of our growth pattern
What locations do you serve?
We focus primarily in the Tri-county area of Miami Dade, Broward and the Palm Beaches, but many times the client will determine the area. We have represented clients throughout the entire state, we have done deals from Orlando to the Florida Keys
What are the benefits of living in South Florida?
THE WEATHER! We are have a never-ending summer allowing us to enjoy our magnificent beaches year-round. From a business / investment perspective: Location, location, location. Our financial growth has been steady for decades.
Home Valuation Tool

Using industry leading technology, our free home valuation tool will keep you up to date with reports showing how much your home is worth, equity growth and other relevant data.