Lake Worth and Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth and Lake Worth Beach
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Why should I live in Lake Worth?

Moving to Lake Worth offers a plethora of benefits. The area is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and friendly residents. It's a popular destination for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The area is full of wonderful restaurants, shops, and attractions, making it a great place to live and explore. Plus, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other cities. No matter what kind of lifestyle you're looking for, Lake Worth is sure to be the perfect place to call home.

The City of Lake Worth is a very diverse area, not only demographically but also property wise. The City of Lake Worth is adjacent to The Village of Wellington, but reaches over into the East as well. Because of its geographic characteristic, Lake Worth offers a similar residential style to Wellington, but also offers more housing options such as Condominiums, Townhouses / Villas,  Rental Communities, and commercial areas. Because of its diverse demographics, the city offers a great variety of restaurants!  The City of Lake Worth is also very easily accessible, from both the Turnpike and I-95.

Lake Worth Beach is slowly but very surely turning into another major beach destination in Florida! Its picturesque appearance, its proximity to the beach, the nightlife of its downtown ensures a promising future to this area. Lake Worth Beach is fun, entertaining, where its residents walk their dogs, ride their bikes, enjoy a Yoga session by the beach and truly live a beach life. Your typical beach town, this area's primary housing are apartments and smaller type beach houses. Minutes off I-95, Lake Worth Beach is one of West Palm Beaches favorite spots.

What is the difference between Lake Worth and Lake Worth Beach?

Lake Worth and Lake Worth Beach are two distinct areas located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Lake Worth is a city located on the mainland, while Lake Worth Beach is located on a barrier island just off the coast. Both areas are known for their stunning beaches and vibrant culture, however the atmosphere of each is slightly different. Lake Worth offers a more traditional city lifestyle with plenty of shops, restaurants, and attractions, while Lake Worth Beach is more laid back, offering a variety of beachfront activities. Additionally, the cost of living in Lake Worth Beach is slightly higher than that of Lake Worth.

What are the top 5 things to do in Lake Worth?

1. Go to the beach. Lake Worth is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, so it's the perfect place to soak up some sun and take a dip in the ocean.

2. Check out the Lake Worth Casino Building. This historic building is located on the beach and is home to a variety of events and activities, including live music, art exhibitions, and movie nights.

3. Visit the Lake Worth Playhouse. This local playhouse is a great spot to take in a show or take part in a workshop.

4. Explore the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza. This plaza is home to several art galleries, restaurants, and shops, making it a great place to explore and find something unique.

5. Enjoy the nightlife. Lake Worth has plenty of bars, clubs, and lounges, so you can party the night away or just grab a drink with friends.

What is the History of Lake Worth?

Lake Worth is located in Palm Beach County, Florida, and has a long and rich history. The area was first settled in 1885, when Captain Richard J. Hackett purchased the land and built a small store and post office. In 1911, the Lake Worth Townsite Company was established and the town was officially incorporated in 1913. The town quickly became a popular spot for vacationers, who were drawn to its beautiful beaches and warm climate. The city experienced a surge in growth in the 1950s, when the population nearly tripled. Today, Lake Worth is a vibrant city that is home to a diverse population, and continues to be a popular destination for those looking for a place to call home.

List of Neighborhoods and Communities in Lake Worth

1. Lake Osborne

2. Hypoluxo

3. Palm Beach Farms

4. Pine Tree Park

5. The Pines

6. Golfview

7. Palm Beach Country Estates

8. Manalapan

9. Melaleuca Lanes

10. North Palm Beach

11. Royal Palm Beach

12. El Clair Rancho

13. La Mancha

14. Lantana

15. Lake Clarke Shores

16. Atlantis

17. Hypoluxo Island

18. South Palm Beach

19. Ocean Ridge

20. Briny Breezes

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