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History of West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. The city was officially established in 1894 when Henry Flagler, a visionary railroad magnate, decided to extend his Florida East Coast Railway to the area. With the new access to transportation, the city quickly grew and flourished.

The city's waterfront was also an important part of its growth, with various industries, including shipping and fishing, thriving in the area. The city soon became known as an important port, and it eventually became the winter home of the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet.

In the 20th century, West Palm Beach saw a period of significant economic growth and development, becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. The city also experienced a cultural renaissance during this time, with the construction of the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, the Norton Museum of Art, and the Palm Beach International Airport.

Today, West Palm Beach is a vibrant city that offers its residents and visitors a diverse range of activities and attractions. The city's rich history and its vibrant culture make it an ideal place to call home or visit.

Why should I live in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach is a wonderful place to call home for so many reasons. From its balmy climate and vibrant culture to its array of activities and low cost of living, it's no wonder that West Palm Beach is a popular destination. There are plenty of ways to stay entertained and have fun in the city, with everything from shopping, dining, and outdoor recreation to taking in the stunning beaches and breathtaking views. Plus, there are tons of activities to participate in, so you never have to worry about getting bored. If you're looking for a city that provides plenty of relaxation and entertainment, West Palm Beach is the perfect place to call home!

Nightlife, museums, and diversity is what West Palm Beach is all about! The Flagler Museum, The Kravitz Center for Performing Arts, Clematis Street, The Square (formerly City Place), and The Brightline Station, are just some of the few things we can name about West Palm Beach. In this area you will find any culinary style you wish to eat, any housing preference from Highrise living to family home. West Palm Beach is known for its old-style architecture contrasting with its high-rises in Downton! The intercoastal, or the Ocean are common denominator of the living style in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach is home to a variety of neighborhoods and communities. From the up-and-coming downtown area to the luxurious homes along the waterfront, there's something for everyone. Other areas include the vibrant CityPlace district, the family-friendly Northwood neighborhood, the popular Clematis Street area, and the historic Grandview Heights district. Whichever community you choose, you're sure to find something that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Things to do in West Palm Beach

- Visit the stunning beaches and take in the breathtaking views.

- Shop, dine, and explore The Square district (formerly CityPlace).

- Take a stroll along the popular Clematis Street area.

- Get outdoors and experience a variety of outdoor recreation activities.

- Go shopping in the upscale boutiques found at Worth Avenue.

- Relax on the pristine beaches of the city.

- Take a boat tour of the city's waterfront.

- Visit the iconic flagler museum.

- Spend the day at the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society.

- Enjoy a game of golf at one of the many golf courses in the area.

- Take part in the city's many festivals and events.

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